Ben Angel Solicitor

Ben Angel’s specialist interests are in litigation and dispute resolution.

Ben came to the practice of law with a wealth of life experience. He has worked from the beaches of Darwin as a business owner to European derivative trading floors for international banks. His diverse background makes him an ideal fit for the diversity of matters Clelands assists clients with. 

Ben has approached his career across multiple industries with the same disciplined and analytical approach that he now brings to the law. His experience in financial and environmental markets have honed his ability to identify the risk and reward in complex transactions. He has worked for, and in, small and large businesses and Government. He has worked as both employer and employed. These diverse experiences help Ben understand the strengths and weaknesses of his clients’ positions and to advocate for better outcomes.

Ben has travelled extensively, often with a surfboard under his arm. He still has another marathon left in him.

Areas of Practice


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Intellectual Property

Shareholder Disputes 

Corporate Law

Contract Law

Contested Wills and Probates