Ben Farmer Director
LLB, BA (Juris)


Ben took extended leave in 2015, having travelled the globe with his wife and three children and experienced an incredible variety of cultures, experiences and challenges.  He is often heard around the office, stating "If you think law is hard, try spending every waking hour for a year with 3 young kids." 

Ben was admitted to practice in 1994 and spent his early years in Darwin and Perth prior to joining Clelands in 1997. Ben has been a partner with Clelands since 2002 and specialises in drafting and advising on pre-nuptial agreements, matrimonial property settlement disputes including cases involving complex commercial and corporate structures, de facto relationship matters and complex custody disputes.

Ben also has volunteered his time to mentor final year law students from Flinders University to assist them with queries and questions relating to their transition from students to the workforce.


Areas of Practice

Family Law

Employment Law

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Don't shy away from the hard issues, embrace and overcome them.



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