Entertainment Consent

Reminder about Changes to Entertainment Consent for Licensed Premises from 20 December 2015
On 20 December 2015 the laws in relation to “entertainment consent” for licensed premises were amended in an attempt to reduce red tape, costs to businesses and encouragement of live music.
Licensees no longer require the consent of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner to provide entertainment at licensed premises between 11am and midnight on any day.  However, licensees still  require consent to provide entertainment outside of those hours or to provide “prescribed entertainment”.
“Prescribed entertainment” means:

  • entertainment of a sexually explicit nature; or
  • a professional or public boxing or martial art event; or
  • other entertainment of a kind prescribed by the regulations.

If, as at 20 December 2015, your liquor licence contained certain conditions or restrictions in relation to entertainment consent, then these conditions no longer apply between the hours of 11am and midnight.  This includes conditions previously imposed by the licensing authority as a result of conciliation following a noise complaint. 
However, if certain conditions or restrictions in relation to entertainment consent have been imposed on your liquor licence after 20 December 2015 then those conditions will remain valid regardless of the time the condition applies.
Similarly, any conditions or approvals imposed on licensed premises by other Acts, such as planning or Council approvals, will not be affected by the changes and will continue to apply.  
The effect of the above is that existing licensees will not be required to do anything unless they currently provide “prescribed entertainment”.  Venues that provide “prescribed entertainment” must by no later than 20 December 2016 contact Consumer and Business Services on 131 882 or email applications@agd.sa.gov.au to ensure that appropriate consents are in place.

Patrick Connelly

19 December 2015