Smoke Free Outdoor Dining Laws 1 July 2016

From 1 July 2016, smoking is banned in outdoor dining areas in South Australia under the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997.
Under the regulations, an “outdoor dining area” means any unenclosed public area in which tables, or tables and chairs, are permanently or temporarily provided for the purpose of public dining.  This includes outdoor dining areas at venues such as pubs, clubs, cafés, restaurants, fast food outlets and at temporary events.
The ban will apply at all times that food is being offered or provided, regardless of whether anyone is eating in the area.  However, the ban does not include “snack food” which means any kind of pre-packaged food of a kind generally intended to be consumed between meals (i.e. potato crisps, nuts, chocolate bars etc).
A venue or business can choose to allow smoking in an outdoor area at times when food is not available. For example, they can provide an outdoor dining area for a set period of time and at other times provide the same area for smoking but not dining.
Further information on the new laws (including a Fact Sheet, Guidelines and downloadable A4 posters) can be found online via the following link
Please note, SA Health provides standard ‘No Smoking’ signs and stickers free of charge on an ongoing basis. These can be ordered by downloading the order form on the above website.

Patrick Connelly

5 December 2016