New York Marathon Complete......

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Rinaldo D'Aloia has just completed the New York Marathon.  Congratulations.

What made you decide to run the NYC Marathon?

"Late last year during one of our lunch time coffees Anthony Mennillo told me he would like to run the New York Marathon to raise money for the Overcoming MS charity. I thought it was a fantastic idea (for him and maybe others). When he told me he would like me to run, I laughed (a lot). I have never been a runner … ever! His message to me was subtle but direct. I had no excuse other than I was unfit and spending way too much time behind my desk. After weeks of deliberation (and many more coffees with him, a pep talk from Peter Clemente and a stern message from Tony Mennillo) I decided to embark on this challenge to support a great mate, a great cause and to create a memory that will last forever."

Rinaldo DAloia NY Marathon RouteRinaldo DAloia NY Marathon Complete