Overcoming MS

New York Marathon

AMA SA Article August 2016


Rinaldo D’Aloia is a Partner at Clelands Lawyers, a non-runner turned runner, who is going to run the New York Marathon in November with a key purpose in mind.  He shares the motivation behind the run ..….

“I have spent many hours over my university and professional life walking the city streets drinking coffee with my good friend Anthony Mennillo.   We have solved the problems of the world, confided in each other, bounced ideas off each other, listened to each other and shared advice.

I won’t forget the day about 7 years ago when we were having lunch in Gouger Street when he told me he had just found out that he has MS. It hit me pretty hard.  It didn’t seem right that a close friend and a good fit bloke with two young children just like myself wasn’t well. 

Rather than sitting back and just seeing what would happen Anthony radically changed his lifestyle to fight this disease as best as he could.  This involved keeping fit, changing his way of thinking, managing stress and some quite drastic changes to his diet.

After going on a retreat arranged by a group called Overcoming MS, he sent an email around advising us of a new way of life moving forward and asking us to respect this.  His discipline since then has been amazing.  He has not faulted or waivered from his game plan.  He still goes to hospital once a month for treatment but his current fitness is a testament to all his hard work.

Late last year Anthony thought he had one marathon in him. He thought about running the New York Marathon and raising money for the Overcoming MS charity.  When he told me about this during one of our lunch time walks I thought it was a fantastic idea.  When he told me he would like me to run, I laughed (a lot).  I have never been a runner … ever!  His message to me was subtle but direct.  I had no excuse other than I was unfit and spending way too much time behind my desk.  So after weeks of deliberation I decided to embark on this challenge.

Every journey starts with one small step and every plane takes off against the wind.  With the support and encouragement of many around me I have taken the small steps, lost over 10kg and a few weeks ago ran over 21km from my house to the beach.   The wind is starting to change direction.

It is hard to not support a good person who has made genuine and difficult lifestyle sacrifices to give himself the best chance to live a normal and long life. Unfortunately, MS is a disease we are hearing more about and it is affecting a lot of young people.  My cousin Emilia is another one of these people.

We now have 24 friends doing the New York marathon with a common goal to support Anthony and raise money for Overcoming MS.” 

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Charity (registered with the ACNC. ABN 50 603 488 508)