The Legal Forecast: Is Data the new Oil

The Legal Forecat Is Data the new oil 1adj

Clelands solicitor, Shannon McMenamin attended The Legal Forecast’s seminar where they considered the question “Is Data the New Oil?”

A panel comprised of Kris Wilson, Dr Anna Shillabeer and Darren Kruse provided interesting insights into how various bodies record and use data, the societal effects of this, and touched upon the law in this area. For example, The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) regulates how certain information is handled, but only by some private sector organisations and some government bodies.

For individuals, the biggest take away of the night was to ask “why?” before handing over your personal information – it is important to know what you are agreeing to provide and how it may be used.

Also, it may be useful to know that if your confidential information has been shared, in certain circumstances remedies for a “breach of confidence” may be available to you under common law, and could perhaps assist where The Privacy Act falls short.

We know the law can be slow to change. With technology developing at incredible speeds, it is now vital for legal professionals to engage in these discussions and develop knowledge in these areas.

The team at Clelands Lawyers looks forward to future events to be held by The Legal Forecast in the new year.