Building & Construction Law

Building and Construction Law is a complex area where a specialist is essential. Clelands Lawyers Adelaide offers expert legal services covering all aspects of building and infrastructure work.

Any development will involve managing a host of legal relationships, including planners, architects, builders, engineers and contractors. And through the whole process you must make sure the project fully complies with all legal requirements. This is where your specialist building and construction lawyer is essential to the success of your development.

A dispute can potentially derail any project and, in that case, you need a lawyer advocating for your best interests. Clelands Lawyers Adelaide has extensive experience with litigation and dispute resolution in the building industry, so we are well placed to act on your behalf to reach the best possible outcome in your situation.

Clelands Lawyers can assist in all areas of Building and Construction Law including;

As a comprehensive law firm, we can also assist with related matters, such as workplace and employment laws, commercial property and debt recovery.

Contact Tom Walker and Shannon McMenamin today to find out how Clelands Lawyers Adelaide can help with your building and constructions matters.

Our specialist legal advice and services will ensure your project is handled as efficiently as possible, guaranteeing that all work is fully compliant while advancing your business interests. And should unexpected issues arise, we will be there to help work through those too.” - Tom Walker