Separation Law

Few situations cause as much unhappiness as a breakdown in family relationships.  This is especially so as many people are not prepared to deal with the breakdown.  You may be concerned about the consequences of a family breakdown on the children, on your occupation of the family home, the ownership of your possessions, joint assets and your Will.

Permanent separation of married couples may not be inevitable.  As such it is important to give careful consideration to all matters to avoid potentially unnecessary and costly actions.  Separation occurs when either one or both of the parties of the marriage believe the marriage has broken down to the point where reconciliation is not possible.  A separation may be temporary or permanent.  Either way there is no legal requirement to ratify or document a separation.  There are however still many issues to be dealt with.

If you are unable to resolve your differences it may be necessary to request the Family Court to resolve the matters in issue.  Whilst there is an emphasis on conciliation and mediation in the Family Court there are some cases where this is not desirable.  You may need urgent orders to protect you and your children or to stop your spouse disposing of assets.  In such cases you will need to go straight to the Family Court and seek such orders.  Clelands Lawyers can advise of the most appropriate option for you.

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