Liquor & Gaming Licensing

Clelands Lawyers has considerable experience in this area.  We act for major liquor retailers in South Australia and are experienced in obtaining all forms of licences including:

  • Hotel Licence & Gaming Machine Licence
  • Retail Liquor Merchant’s Licence (bottle shop)
  • Wholesale Liquor Merchant’s Licence
  • Restaurant Licence
  • Producer’s Licence
  • Special Circumstances Licence
  • Other licences permitted under the Act

To obtain a Hotel Licence a Retail Liquor Merchant’s Licence, consideration of all relevant issues must go into the process.  Such applications are invariably opposed by neighbouring licensees.  With our experience we can generally advise promptly on the likelihood of a successful application.  If an application proceeds, then we are fully conversant with all the necessary steps including:

  • Lodgement of the application
  • Dealing with objectors
  • Interviewing prospective witnesses (a necessary part of the application to establish “need” for the grant of the new hotel or bottle shop licence)
  • Local Government issues
  • The choice of the appropriate counsel to assist in the Licensing Court
  • Generally running the application to its conclusion

Other licences (eg. Wholesale Liquor Merchant’s Licence, Restaurant Licence and Producer’s Licence) are less litigious in nature but each involves complex considerations to comply with the legislation to obtain such licences.


Transfer of Licences

The Act provides for the requirements to enable a licence to be transferred or sold. The Act is specific in what is required to obtain such a transfer and Clelands is experienced in all aspects associated with a transfer and sale of a liquor licence whether it be a Hotel, Bottle Shop, Restaurant or other licensed premises.

An application for transfer of licence requires various criteria to be satisfied.  It needs to be publicly advertised and we attend the Licensing Authority in determining the application on your behalf.  An application of this nature usually takes about six weeks after lodgement with the Licensing Authority.


Other Applications

Our expertise includes all applications to the licensing authority including new applications for and variations to licences, redefinition of licensed premises, extending trading authorisations and entertainment consents.

We also provide a full range of legal services relevant to the industry.  These include buying and selling businesses, leasing licensed premises, employment and industrial relations issues, gambling applications, planning and environment issues and dispute resolution.

Our team will be pleased to assist you, contact Rinaldo D'Aloia, Leon McEvoy, Patrick Connelly, Veronique Babczynski