Estate Planning

It is more likely that some of your assets may take the form of superannuation entitlements, life insurance entitlement or assets held through trusts or companies.  None of these assets are "your" assets to dispose of.  As such they are generally not capable of being dealt with in your Will.  Accordingly documentation in addition to your Will is often required to ensure that control of these assets is passed:

  • To the people you intend, and
  • In the manner in which you intend.

The first step in preparing an adequate and effective Estate Planning strategy is to identify the assets under your control, to whom you wish them to pass and how and when you wish them to pass.  In order to carry these wishes into effect it may be necessary to address a number of other issues such as:

  • Powers of Attorney;
  • Amendments to Deeds establishing Trusts or Constitutions of companies;
  • The preparation of a Memorandum of Wishes.

Clelands Lawyers can advise you on your needs in each of these and other areas.

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