Catch Me If You Can

A recent Family Court Judgment delivered in April 2016 serves as a timely reminder for those professionals advising people immediately following a separation regarding disclosure of all assets to their former spouses.

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Payment of Child Support

The usual means by which non-custodial parents financially support their children following separation is by way of periodic and non-periodic payments of child support through the Child Support Agency.  The angst this may cause can be substantial, especially when the payer receives regular telephone calls from the Child Support Agency demanding up to date financial information and confirmation of existing living arrangements for the children.

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'Til Death Do Us Part

Similarly, it may that it is your client who is ill and may die in the near future. If that is the case and it is him or her that is not in the stronger financial position and therefore stands to benefit from a property settlement court order, it is always extremely prudent to issue Court proceedings whilst they are alive to preserve their own position.

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Newsletter April 2016

Careful what you promise to your kids - It is not uncommon between family members for sons to work on a family farm for a number of years in the expectation that one day the family farm will be transferred into his name or his and his then wife’s name...

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