International Custody

Family Law

With international custody arrangements being topical world wide in recent weeks the reality is in this day and age these issues are at the forefront of usually contentious and acrimonious litigation in the Family Court of Australia.

Whilst each matter is considered upon its own individual facts of what is in the best interests of the child it is important to obtain independent legal advice immediately in circumstances where international child custody matters are in or could potentially be an issue. It is certainly much safer to deal with the issues properly from the outset whether by urgent applications preventing the unlawful removal of children from Australia, the confiscation of passports or seeking permission for children to be relocated to another country with one parent.  Clelands Lawyers have been successful following an 8 day trial in the Family Court of Australia and in excess of 2.5 years of litigation of having orders made in favour of one parent to lawfully remove a child from Australia. 


Hutcheson & Meli [2016] FamCA 400 (25 May 2016)


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