TLF Chats: Demystifying Legal Tech

TLP Discussion Feb 2019

Clelands Lawyer Shannon McMenamin attended The Legal Forecast Adelaide’s first event of the year, TLF Chats: Demystifying Legal Tech.

Barbara Vrettos chaired an interesting panel discussion featuring Bjarke Larsen of SYNTAQ and Kirk Drage of LeapSheep.

The conversation kicked off on the topic of technology and start-ups, and how regulation in the legal profession provides for a culture that is slow to change when it comes to embracing new technology.

Discussion provided suggestions as to how lawyers can best assist start-ups, including providing advice on business structures and employment law, and advising on contracts for start-up financing.

The key takeaway for the night was that tomorrow’s successful lawyers will be those embracing change and using technology to their advantage, allowing them to focus more on client relationships and providing high quality advice.